Overs the past several years I have barked on Twitter and Blogger then WordPress. I have made lots of neatos friends and have had many funs. I think now is the times to suspend my barking. My barks are really not that importants. They are stored on a server farm which in a roundabouts way is polluting the big sky. Perhaps stopping barking now will helps save the polars bear from extinctions or at least prolong their times on earth. Or maybe it will helps another animal in the futures. You could helps too. If you don't want to stop barking maybes you could not bark on certain days of the week. Silent Sunday or somethings like that. Remembers, barking less is doing mores for our earths. I will miss all of you and your cools barks. I reallys feel I need to do my littles bit and do it now. It's been funs. So longs.

P.S. You may notice that manys of my photos are missing. That’s cos Pops is deleting most of his onlines photos. He is really upsets with what man is doings to the planet. I think he is turning into a hermits.