It’s Been Funs


Overs the past several years I have barked on Twitter and Blogger then WordPress. I have made lots of neatos friends and have had many funs. I think now is the times to suspend my barking. My barks are really not that importants. They are stored on a server farm which in a roundabouts way is polluting the big sky. Perhaps stopping barking now will helps save the polars bear from extinctions or at least prolong their times on earth. Or maybe it will helps another animal in the futures. You could helps too. If you don't want to stop barking maybes you could not bark on certain days of the week. Silent Sunday or somethings like that. Remembers, barking less is doing mores for our earths. I will miss all of you and your cools barks. I reallys feel I need to do my littles bit and do it now. It's been funs. So longs.

P.S. You may notice that manys of my photos are missing. That’s cos Pops is deleting most of his onlines photos. He is really upsets with what man is doings to the planet. I think he is turning into a hermits.

Quiet Spot

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Quiet Spot

Pops boughts me this cools tag cover. Now when I'm on my mosey I don't jingles and jangles and I can sneak up on natures.

But the product's name is kinda of apricots too. Pops told me abouts how much barking and sharing stuffs is costing the earth and the environments. Every bark I make on Twitter and WordPress is saved on big farms full of somethings called servers. All those servers feed on electrics. The electrics come from the moving air, moving waters and dirty coals. Some of the electrics is goods and some bads. All that sharings is sorta shellfish.

My insignificants barks are being kept on a farm that uses lots and lots of electrics. Reallys? What for? I have barked and I should just let them be carrieds off into the winds. Are my barks or those of my peeps that importants? Are they worth savings at the cost of the airs we breathe, the waters we drink, the food we eats or the loss of those big cat boxes by the big waters? K-A-T no! Overs 4300 of my barks are grazings at the Twitter farm. Are all of them importants? No. Is somethings I wuufed two years ago so importants that some dirty coals has to be burned to save it? That electrics should be used to make safe reallys important science stuffs that might help us or our peeps in the futures. There are important historys and resources that should be saved but my bark about a mosey I took or the snake I saw? Let's get reals about our world and help make it a betters place. Yes, I likes to bark but I am not going to saves them all forevers. Both Pops and I are goings to soon begins deleting our oldest barks first until we have abouts a hundreds left then as we barks we delete the oldest one. Then we will starts on our blogs. We may then just fade aways. So maybes the Quiet Spot is also about our sharing places.

If all those barks about a yummys doughnut, the moving pictures of all those oh so cutes sleeping/jumping animals or peeps were posted for onlys a month then deleted we might save a lots of electrics and our planets. Yes, I likes to share but I am goings to be more prudents in the future. The Internets is cool but the mores Pops and I use it the more guiltys we feel.*

Many of us want to be remembered in the futures but I would rather have a littles important space in the ether at the cost of one lumps of coal than lots of fluffs at the cost of one tons of coal. We have mades our choice. We are going to spend more times watching, sniffing and listening to natures before it is all gone. The future awaits your choice.

*Severals years ago the estimated amount of GHG produced to run one server was four tons a years.


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