When It’s Times It’s Times

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What a reliefs.

With all that runnings what do you expects?

A Cools Bark-a-long


Finallys Good News For Our Fellows Shelter Dogs.

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A retails store switches to selling shelter dogs. http://bit.ly/xKxgb2 Thanks to Pet Connections Inc. and Barkworks, puppy mill dogs will no longers be sold at Barkworks. The fee is a bits high but if parts of it go to the shelters that’s goods. Pops says that the puppy, dog, kitten and k-a-t for sale ads in the newsreader need to be removed too. Onlys rescue pets adverts should be allowed in the reader until their populations are reduced to zeros. Peeps should not be breeds more dogs and k-a-t-s if there are animals in shelters.

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