Pops Is Making Me Look Differents


Pops is fooling arounds with an app he founds called AutoPainter HD. Now he thinks he's a Van Gogh.


Now all I sees is lots of sunspots

And then he did a waterys Freda.

Lovelys Freda



Where Were You Plannings To Go?

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The peeps pedaled so fast and so fars they brokes the pedal thingy. Luckily they were not outs on the road far fars away from homes. As they barks, parts are in the mails.


Times To Brush My Teeths

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Everys dark I eat my suppers, have my teeth brushed and then receive a teeth cleaning mints. Sometimes Pops drags his feet and I have to stare him downs.

Ok, Pops. I've finished suppers. Now it's times to brush my kinda pearly whites.


I Loves Mum

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Mum went shoppings and bought me some cool stuffs. Foods and treats. How can I nots love her?


What The K-a-t WordPress?

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WordPress now addings adverts to their free blogs. WTK? Guess they have to make moneys somehow. Sorrys about that but I’d rathers buy treats. Thirty moneys is a lot for a pup to cough up. Harders than grass.


Watching An Antelopes

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Watching an antelopes with Pops on Wildearth.tv on my iPawPad. To do so you haves to use the Photon browser app cos it allows Flash. Cools. We have seens ostrich, jackals, a Kori Bustard, giraffes and other stuffs. Hopes you can see some other greats animals on your iPawPad.


All We Are Barking Is…


Gives Peace A Chance

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