Fourths Anniversary


This is my fourths anniversary photo. It was four years ago today's that I rescued my peeps from their drearys lonely lives. I am now thirteens and can still outruns Pops to the food dish.

Me and the prettys iris

Mum loves her iris but she loves me mores.



Pops Is Making Me Look Differents


Pops is fooling arounds with an app he founds called AutoPainter HD. Now he thinks he's a Van Gogh.


Now all I sees is lots of sunspots

And then he did a waterys Freda.

Lovelys Freda


Times To Brush My Teeths

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Everys dark I eat my suppers, have my teeth brushed and then receive a teeth cleaning mints. Sometimes Pops drags his feet and I have to stare him downs.

Ok, Pops. I've finished suppers. Now it's times to brush my kinda pearly whites.


Enjoying The Shades


Me and pops in the shades after our mosey this lights. A lazy butts he is.


Thanks Mum for the spys photo.

Checking Ups On The “Fruits” Of Our Labors

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Making sure the love apples are growing just rights. Why do peeps calls them veggies? Oh, cos a Prez said catsup/ketchups was a veggie maybes? STUUPIDS.


Three Years Ago Todays


It was three years agos today that I adopted my present peeps. They are soo luckys that I chose them. I have brought them loves, funs, joys and a lot of other stuffs. And I get lots of treats.

Here I am with somes of our iris.


And here I am runnings free on the golf course. I can run fasters.


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On our afternoons mosey a small white moving box approached slowly from my rears and then stopped along sides. The nice lady gave me a treats. I carried it homes and enjoyed it at my leisures in the front yards. Neatos!

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