Have A Hootings New Year



A spookys Great Horned Owl in backyards tree. One of at least three owls hooting in the neighborshood. Hope alls have a hooting goods New Year.



Happys Holidays




Happys Thanksgiving

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Have a greats day. Be carefuls though.

Hopefullys you are having some other kind of foods than turkey. If you have to haves turkey please eats a heritage or wilds turkeys. The commercials birds have terribles lives and can barely walks let alone flys before they meet their ends. Reals turkeys fly.

Hellos 2012

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Goodsbye 2011

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Happys Holidays

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My Pops put snows on my photo for no reasons. Maybe to make it look winterys. He’s stupids. It has been colds here though. 24┬║Furries last dark. In the picture I’m looking outs for our neighbor cuz we kinda borrowed his snowsballoons to make this photo. Don’t think he would likes it if I tried to pee on it.

Just wuufing all my furends and their peeps a greats holiday and new year.

P.S. Sorry this is lates but Pops was doing stupids peep things. Borings!!

A Days At Dillon K-a-t Box (Beach)


So I spent the rests to the times aways from the big waters. When I saw anothers big waters coming I headed for the rocks. Luckilys I was safe there.


Then we went to see the house we are renting for a coulpes of days next month. Tule and her peeps will be there and some family peeps from the Rockys Mountains, too. Just across the streets from our place there was a mommy deers and her little one.

Hope she is still there when we come backs. I bet it would be funs to play with them.


I enjoyed my first evers sniff of the big waters. I don’t thinks it will be wise to play in the big waters though cos there is a big floating box trying to do works with the great white sharks that live there. Maybes we can see a white next months. Think I’ll keep a looksout from the deck.

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