Happys Thanksgiving

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Have a greats day. Be carefuls though.

Hopefullys you are having some other kind of foods than turkey. If you have to haves turkey please eats a heritage or wilds turkeys. The commercials birds have terribles lives and can barely walks let alone flys before they meet their ends. Reals turkeys fly.


I Loves Mum

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Mum went shoppings and bought me some cool stuffs. Foods and treats. How can I nots love her?


Just finished my morning foods ration. The peeps say I have to waits for more. That’s stupids. My voodoos stare is not working. :o(

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Be Safe With the H1N1 Virus


Hi, I’m Suzy. My Dad, aka “D” and “Iquitoz” on Twitter, said we should be careful when we go out. Something about pigs. I like swine. I know that’s where the bacon grows.

All I need is a horse named “Silver”.
(I think my Dad is stupid. Should bark him “Stupid D”.)

Hope you are playing it safe, like not flying, as suggested by Mr. Biden. :o))

P.S. I will be decorating my barking place whenever I can get D to help me.

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